Ben (Kelpie) & Molly (Jack Russel x Sausage)

Every time I look after Molly and Ben I am amazed by how loving and affectionate they are. You’d think I wouldn’t be happy with a medium and small-sized pup sprawling out across a double bed, leaving me with no space. But oh boy, do I love it. Ben will pop his head on my leg and Molly will cuddle up to Ben. I swear, I sleep a million times better when I’ve got dogs in my bed.

When I throw the toys for Ben out the back, he looks at me so intently, as if I have a million dollars in my hand. Molly trails behind him, nipping at his ankles or stealthy stealing his toy away. These two have a little sister called Skye, and you can tell they would be so good around her. They are both so gentle, patient and well-behaved. They can go out the back and run around like crazy, then settle down instantly on their beds inside.

Not only are these two awesome, their owners Chloe and Steve are so lovely. They always make me feel so at home when I stay.

I would also like to make a special mention for Jessy who is watching down on us from doggy heaven. <3

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