Buckley (Dingo) and Rosie (Staffy)

Where do I even begin with Rosie and Buckley. These two cheeky characters never fail to make me laugh with their quirks.

Rosie is the calmest of the two, happy to just lie around the house and mosey on over to you if there are pats on offer. Being a princess at heart means she refuses to sit on the leather couch unless there is a blanket neatly laid out for her. Every time she seems me, she gets this super cheeky and teethy grin which always puts a smile on my face.

Buckley, oh buckley, buckley, buckley. What a quirky dude. He is a pure-bread dingo who has tried his hardest to settle into the domesticated life. But he likes to remind me that you can’t tame a wild dog :’) Nor can you tell him what to do, or be in charge of his life. He is as stubborn as they come, a rebel with a hint of ADHD. If the air-con is on, he won’t come inside, I guess because he doesnt’ like the sound? Oh and he will take one bite of his food then bolt out the door (we think he thinks there is prey that will take his food).

Just like salt and pepper or ying and yang, these two are complete opposites of each other, but somehow work perfectly. They both make me laugh so hard with their quirks, love affection and I know I am safe when they are around.

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