Shadow (Cane Corso)

Look. At. That. Face. Oh my goodness. Shadow is the king of squish and drool! Even though he is a solid 60kg, he is the biggest softie and such a snuggler! Might I add as well, he can walk sooooo well on a lead, trots right next to me, loosely, without an issue. Katy has done so well with training him! It was awesome to look after such an exotic breed, one who I have yet to sit for and rarely come into contact with! Super keen to pet sit for him again and receive even more shadow snuggles 🙂

Jetty (golden retriever x poodle)

Cuddles, killer personality and the perfect amount of energy… what more
could you want? Jetty is full of love for people and life in general. The
zoomies I get when I walk through the door is enough to turn any smile upside
down. She will look at you with these intense eyes and bound around the house.
She is primarily legs, so it’s hilarious to watch the lanky Jetty gallop around
the house. If she really likes you, she will give you a massive hug with both
her paws on your shoulders!!

Don’t be fooled by her goofiness, though; if there is so much as a bird out
the front, she will protect you. Her bark is loud and deep – something you just
wouldn’t think would come from such a goofy pup. No complaints here, though; I
am more than happy with her protecting me – even if it’s just from a magpie.

Of course, I would like to award Jetty the best cuddler award (right after
Benji the Kelpie). Jetty will happily take up the full queen bed, with her legs
in the air – not a care in the world (how lady-like). Or, she will snuggle up
right next to you, so close you can feel her breathing on you. There is no in-between.

And how could I forget her table manners? The most WELL BEHAVED pup I have
ever sat for. She will sit tall and proud before her food and won’t touch it
until she’s given you the most aggressive and forceful shake ever. It’s
hilarious to watch her hand you her paw like her life depends on it.

Jetty also has some fantastic owners, Ash and Danny. Ash is a legend of
planting trees from seedlings and making her own little forest out the back (no,
seriously, it looks like something out of a fairytale, it’s incredible) (I am
convinced she has made herself carbon neutral). They plan to move to some
property shortly. So even if it’s an hours drive into town, I will still come
and sit for Jetty. Jetty + a gorgeous property? Sounds like a dream come true!

Buckley (Dingo) and Rosie (Staffy)


Where do I even begin with Rosie and Buckley. These two cheeky characters never fail to make me laugh with their quirks.

Rosie is the calmest of the two, happy to just lie around the house and mosey on over to you if there are pats on offer. Being a princess at heart means she refuses to sit on the leather couch unless there is a blanket neatly laid out for her. Every time she seems me, she gets this super cheeky and teethy grin which always puts a smile on my face.

Buckley, oh buckley, buckley, buckley. What a quirky dude. He is a pure-bread dingo who has tried his hardest to settle into the domesticated life. But he likes to remind me that you can’t tame a wild dog :’) Nor can you tell him what to do, or be in charge of his life. He is as stubborn as they come, a rebel with a hint of ADHD. If the air-con is on, he won’t come inside, I guess because he doesnt’ like the sound? Oh and he will take one bite of his food then bolt out the door (we think he thinks there is prey that will take his food).

Just like salt and pepper or ying and yang, these two are complete opposites of each other, but somehow work perfectly. They both make me laugh so hard with their quirks, love affection and I know I am safe when they are around.

Ben (Kelpie) & Molly (Jack Russel x Sausage)

Benji and Molly

Every time I look after Molly and Ben I am amazed by how loving and affectionate they are. You’d think I wouldn’t be happy with a medium and small-sized pup sprawling out across a double bed, leaving me with no space. But oh boy, do I love it. Ben will pop his head on my leg and Molly will cuddle up to Ben. I swear, I sleep a million times better when I’ve got dogs in my bed.

When I throw the toys for Ben out the back, he looks at me so intently, as if I have a million dollars in my hand. Molly trails behind him, nipping at his ankles or stealthy stealing his toy away. These two have a little sister called Skye, and you can tell they would be so good around her. They are both so gentle, patient and well-behaved. They can go out the back and run around like crazy, then settle down instantly on their beds inside.

Not only are these two awesome, their owners Chloe and Steve are so lovely. They always make me feel so at home when I stay.

I would also like to make a special mention for Jessy who is watching down on us from doggy heaven. <3